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Your Retention Marketing Partner

Get your customers to stay longer, spend more, and refer your brand everywhere they go.
Our Work

We’re your passionate entrepreneurial Retention marketing partner. Retention is equal parts Data and Soul and we keep it that way.

What We Do

We Grow Brands of All Sizes, Stages, and Verticals

Bootstrapped Startups

D2C brands looking to add an additional 20-25% revenue by leveraging retention


Brands looking to improve retention metrics to build a scalable venture


Large brands looking to better understand consumers and their purchase behaviour.


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Our Story

Unlike most startups, we did not start out from a garage. After running my fashion brand for 3 years, I started consulting for eCommerce and D2C startups Having worked with almost a dozen brands, I realized that most of them had one common problem: Retaining Customers

Most marketers tried solving it by acquiring more customers.

That was a classic hamster wheel problem for founders that needed to be addressed.

So I launched TAM Collective with a mission to help Established Brands and Startups in retaining customers. Our sweet spot is Online Brands from 0- $20 million in revenue

How much “Extra” revenue can we drive for you

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