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Content Marketing


The Definitive Guide

This is my complete guide to content

marketing in 2021.

In this all-new guide you’ll learn:

  • How to promote your content
  • Content formats that are working right now
  • The top content marketing trends in 2021
  • New content creation strategies
  • Lots of advanced tips, strategies and techniques

So if you want to get more traffic from your content this year, you’ll love today’s guide.

Let’s get started.

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Once a customer has connected with you via the website or a store visit, it’s important to make them feel counted. Ask for their basic details,  make sure to drop a cute mail and SMS to introduce them to the brand’s ideas.

The following kind of email flows are a good start :

Welcome flow

A welcome mail is the first that one receives after joining your mailing list. It goes to new subscribers who are yet to transform into customers for you. Welcome flow is used to create a channel of mails that introduces the new subscriber to your brand, your product, and your style of working. Keep it simple yet catchy.

Step 1-  The mail should begin with the idea that your brand represents, provide them an incentive to shop from your brand. Introduce them to your best-selling product and what your top customers say about it.

Step 2- Take them on a virtual tour in the form of pictures and videos that presents the origin of your product. From plucking the raw materials to the packaging of the final product. Make them a part of it.

Step 3- Once the foundation has been set up, it’s time to introduce yourself, what your brand stands for.

Be like that excited kid who had just won their first trophy at school. Do not hesitate to share your achievements as a brand.

Step 4- Now it’s time to bring the show stopper, the founder! The face behind it all, this introduction should feel more humble.

Add a discount coupon on their first purchase and don’t forget to personalize it. It should feel like coming from the founder itself.

Cart Abandonment Flow

This mail flow is for the added items to the cart that is yet to be ordered. A filled cart represents money for the brand hence your abandonment mail should be strong enough to make the custom purchase those items.

Populate your emails with top-class reviews and ratings that support shopping behavior.

Send follow-up emails around a set interval of a few hours. You have to keep trying until your products grab their attention. Observe their response to the follow-up emails, if they haven’t reverted yet then send some more to clear their doubts about the product and remind them why they added it in the first place, make them count the blessings that the product stands for!

Post Purchase Flow

 Post Purchase emails strengthen your customer bond.

It starts with an order confirmation and goes on to a mail informing your customer about the shipping and then about the expected delivery date.

Reaffirm the customer’s purchase decision with social proof that represents the value of products.

These mails are customer’s favorite, they are happy and excited about the new product, and post-purchase emails are something that binds it all together.

Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Flows

You see a customer is going gaga over a pretty dress and now you want to use this opportunity for your cause. What do you do? Here is where the concept of Cross-selling and Upselling comes into the picture.

Cross-selling is giving them more options with a similar design to the pretty dress whereas Up-Selling is selling them an upgraded and much more expensive version of the pretty dress.

To give an example, while scrolling through the products, they will bump upon “similar products” and “customers also bought” taglines, when clicked upon will take them to the other options some of which will be under their customers’ budget and some won’t.

Under the email flow, as a brand, you should pick what kind of flow you want for your customers that also depends on the earlier history of their purchases.

Content Flows/Engagement Flows

This email flow attracts your customer to spend some time over your app.

These mails should be direct, creative, eye catchy as well as professional at the same time. They can also carry information regarding an upcoming sale or the new coupons rewarded to them.

Tailor your message as per their requirements, if you are interacting with customers with dry skin then send them suggestions of deep moisturizing products and vice versa and this will be possible when you observe their shopping behavior.



Want to engage more audience but don’t know where to start? We have got you!

Content marketing isn’t limited to writing blogs and editing them; it also requires monitoring the feedback and a team that’s always on their feet to take action.

Make your customers feel that you care, that you pay attention to more than just numbers.

Everyone loves a made-from-scratch enterprise that after huge profits still has its feet on the ground.

For example, if you are a clothing brand then take some cue from mother nature, invest sustainably, and when you do find the right lead to advertise it, like environment-based NGOs.

Likewise, makeup and skincare brands can go ahead with Influencer marketing over social media, the more the merrier

Create campaigns and content calendars and stick to a plan. For example, you should be prepared around public and national holidays with blogs and articles that represent a good mix of your product and the occasion, it’s like selling candies around Halloween and light lamps around Christmas.

Your social media handles should be active throughout and an upload in a week should be around your brand, its features, and new launches.

Find ways to tell the brand story and what it stands for, let your customers know that you are like a croissant with layers and layers filled with goodness.



Loyalty-building programs are the USP to retention marketing. Hence, Loyalty programs should aim at keeping your best customers loyal and turning the potential ones to be your best.

The reason why loyalty programs don’t succeed as required is that they are created without enough attention to cost and they treat all customers the same.

One size doesn’t fit all!

When your customers have different preferences, a single loyalty program isn’t going to cut it.

The first step is segmenting your best customers from the potential ones and to do that you will need to take some help from the CLTV. Once you have the CLTV, you can move on to curate the perfect loyalty program for your customers.

time video camera document his every move. But you don’t need to take it to that extreme.)

For example, when I started sending out press releases to promote some of our “Be The Source” Content, I wrote up what I learned as a definitive guide.

Pamper your top customers with premium rewards like a margin cut in high-end products, early access to products with limited range, and express checkout.

And for the ones who have the potential to become your best customers deserve more room in the “who to approach” list, craft personalized campaigns and cashback rewards for them to fuel their support to your brand.

For example, Nykaa (Indian lifestyle retailer of beauty and wellness) introduced a “Privé member” tag for its regular customers and the privé members enjoy free shipping, early access to sale windows, and heavy discounts on luxe brands throughout the year.

A mere tag adds so much value to a customer and expands the community at the same time.



In this modern-paced world, customers jump channels and devices faster than your new launches, and connecting with them at all levels like a Jenga game is the only road to victory!

The rush of adrenaline, when they open an order package and see a freebie inside with some discount coupons, is directly proportional to the next shopping spree for your brand.

The brand can also share some insights about its origin and struggles to make it feel more personal. A bit of detailing in the package of your product is always a hit, it provides the one paying with a sense of class and richness.

If you are a start-up who has just entered the market then take cues – add a discount or a free shipping coupon for the next purchase, and a personalized “thank you” note to remind your customer that you are special to them.

If your budget allows, you can also invest in QR code-based coupons where all that your shopper needs to do is scan that sheet of paper, and Voila! They have all the extra benefits right there on the screen.



Be noticed! Do things that attract new customers to your brand. Weave a beautiful story around the brand discovery, how it came into being, facts about your working style, a little sneak peek into your team. All these things help form a brand storyline which in turn helps you grab your share of the market.

The market witnesses strong competition and to mark your place you have to make yourself stand out. It can be your area of expertise, your customer policy, or how you contribute to society. A lot of brands are becoming plastic positive, either their packaging is recyclable or they are asking their customers to return the empty bottles. For example, Mama Earth is one such rising skincare brand in India that promises its customers a cash reward in return for the empty product packaging. It also roots a sense of clean shopping in the mind of its followers.



When all is done, you need to take one more step.

Don’t just sit there relaxing as I said earlier it requires discipline.

Be in constant touch with your customers. Make a list of your top buyers and contact them, tell them how grateful you are.

If you are a clothing or skincare brand then arrange giveaways every few months.

Be active on social media, respond to your followers’ comments and DMs.

Send them gift hampers after a huge sale or during occasions.

One more technique to incite them to shop more is to credit their shopping account with some rewards. For example, Myntra credits their shoppers’ accounts with “cash rewards” and “buy one get one free” offers now and then.

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