What we do and How we do it?

We offer a data-driven approach backed with smart technology and a team with ultimate ideas to empower your vision for your brand.
We bring you closer to your full potential and we don’t stop there.
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We transform your clicks into revenue.

Email-Marketing is proven to be the biggest game changer in the D2C industry. Given the digital advancements, you can do more than just collect data for giveaway events. You can analyze, trigger and change this data into revenue.

The question is how do you do this?

That's where we come into the picture.

We study bundles of data so that you don't have to and create customer-friendly experiences with klaviyo migration, flow build, inclusive list filters, email strategy, churn prevention, and much more.

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Text-based messages

Studies have shown that there exists a customer pool that checks their emails only over weekends.

But is the ball really out of your court?

We believe SMS and WhatsApp texts can make or break your retention journey. We follow proven industry practices all while creating strategies that speak to your customers. Trust our personalized, timely, and targeted messages to increase conversions and engagement like never before.

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Content creation

Our content. Your story.

Brand visuals and content is the first thing that your customer pays attention to. We build conversion-focused content that talks about your brand and its values.

Our team writes, designs, and illustrates everything that you need. Our curated templates, interactive emails, and stories ensure a highly engaged customer base

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Smart business = Fast growing business

We engage in fast digital developments in all their forms.

One such service is optimizing QR codes in your packaging, stories, and in the form of direct mailers to fuel smart conversion.

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